Between 2000 and 2120 UTC…

UPDATE The switch maintenance is now complete.

UPDATE: Internap has announced a maintenance window starting Saturday May 16 at 2100 CDT to upgrade the software on the affected switches. They believe that the outage was caused by a software problem which is fixed in a more recent release. There should be no downtime as part of this maintenance.

Between 2000 and 2120 UTC today there were some intermittent connectivity issues which affected all of In some cases this would have resulted in complete unreachability and in other cases it might have meant a 5XX error or higher than normal response time. The underlying cause appears to be a faulty network switch which has since been removed from production and we are working with the hosting provider to identify the exact issue before attempting to return the switch to production.

Plugins Trac is offline for a couple days while we get things resynced. The svn is working fine, but Trac takes a bit more resources and will be intermittent on both plugins and themes.

The plugins svn wordpress org systems will be…

The systems will be offline or in read-only mode while maintenance is being performed, starting at 2000 UTC. This is expected to last no more than 2 hours.

There was an intermittent switch failure which affected…

There was an intermittent switch failure which affected some services between 0200 and 0353 UTC. The website and API were mostly unaffected.

There was a switch failure which affected some…

There was a switch failure which affected some services between 2300 and 2357 UTC. The website and API were mostly unaffected.

Upcoming Maintenance Window for the Support Forums

The support forums on will be undergoing an upgrade and will be in a read-only state on September 1 between 14:00 and 20:00 UTC. More information is available on this make/meta post.

Upcoming Maintenance Window for Plugins SVN

From August 31, 20:30 UTC through September 01, 00:30 UTC (four hours total), we will have a maintenance window for plugins SVN. During this time, plugin authors will not be able to commit to the SVN repository.

Edit: Maintenance has been completed, and the plugins SVN repository is available for commit once again.

Upcoming Outage Window – August 27

On August 27, 2015 between 05:00 and 11:00 UTC, we will be performing network maintenance, which could result in a temporary outage. Keep an eye on this post (and this site) for any updates.

07:15 UTC. Maintenance complete.

WordPress org experienced downtime due to a load… experienced downtime due to a load balancer failure. The network is now up and the incident is being investigated.

18:17 UTC. A denial of service attack is currently being mitigated.

At 19:44 UTC the attack was fully mitigated and all services were restored.

A configuration change on our load balancers triggered…

A configuration change on our load balancers triggered a redirection loop for about 8 minutes, from 18:47 to 18:55, affecting the domain. The service interruption has been resolved.